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Welcome to Entourage Fitness!

This is a high-paced, multi-faceted workout experience! You will love coming to these workouts, as you get to pick what body parts or type of class you will be a part of that day - but each class will be different, adding new moves and it will keep you guessing as you don't get stuck in a workout "routine."

"I enjoy working out at Entourage because it is fun and there is always a new challenging workout. The staff is friendly and it is an upbeat place."
 - Reepu Patel

It is a well known fact that your muscles will develop what is known as muscle memory. This is where your muscles get used to certain moves and patterns and it decreases the effect of toning and muscle breakdown that helps with the stages of muscle building and parts of your metabolism. Here at Entourage Fitness, we utilize various different minimalist equipment that really keep your body guessing and utilize your small stabilizer muscles to keep you engaged, keep your form and keep your balance.

"The workouts are always new and challenging. I never feel bored and always feel the burn! I also love the accountability of signing up ahead of time and working out with other people- makes me push it harder!!" 
- Allie Skelton

These muscles do not get trained unless isolated in a regular gym workout routine. Small, fast twitch muscles in your neck, forearms, calves, core, lower back, shoulders, and obliques are constantly bombarded with needed to stay engaged as you blast through one of the 30 minute workouts!

"Entourage Fitness offers a totally different gym experience than I've ever encountered. The workouts are challenging and always pushing me past my limits." 
- Christin Metz

With the unlimited packages you can take 1, 2, 3 or more classes in a row to really keep your muscles engaged and guessing at the same time.

We have high cardio rebounder and Bosu ball classes where clients have burned up to 500 calories in a 30 minute session!

"I love everything. From the studio to the owner to the workouts. Feels like a family." 
- Linda Awdisho 

We have suspension, suspension with weights, suspension with Bosu ball classes where we will focus on Full Body, Lower Body, Arms and Back, Abs and Core and Arms and Chest. The suspension band has brought the push-up into a workout of its own as your hands or your feet are in the suspension bands and it keeps your core engaged the whole time!

We also have a high-paced, circuit style training call RAGE, that utilizes any of the above equipment pieces along with various others to blast through a sweat-inducing, muscle-fatiguing, group training experience that gets your heart rate up.

Come and check out one of these many classes that we offer to see that we are not like the other fitness regiments that you have tried! No more - the same 12 workouts over and Over and OVER.....

It is time that your fitness goals met their Entourage!


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